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These sales and delivery conditions apply to all offers, sales, and deliveries unless otherwise agreed in writing between the parties. Please note that private companies or public companies must be registered prior to shopping on our online shop. Zaratech LLC does not offer sales to private individuals.

The conditions apply if another signed agreement has been entered into.

Prices and Offers:

All prices are in US Dollars and exclude shipping fees. Zaratech LLC can change prices at any time without prior notice. We reserve the right to adjust prices due to foreign currency changes, customs and tax changes, taxes, etc. All written offers are valid for 8 days unless otherwise stated from the date of the offer.


Zaratech LLC's terms of payment are net cash unless otherwise agreed. In the case of credit, Zaratech LLC must receive the amount on the due date of the invoice. If the amount is not paid on time, an interest rate of 2% per month will be charged until the full amount is received by Zaratech LLC.


Zaratech LLC reserves the right of ownership to the delivered goods until the entire purchase price, including delivery costs and any interest and fees, have been paid in full.


Delivery takes place ex-stock from Zaratech LLC's address.

If goods are ordered before 15:30 (via the online shop: at 14:30), they will be delivered the following working day, provided the items are in stock. Delivery is at the buyer's expense.

The delivery time is set by Zaratech LLC to the best of its judgment according to the conditions at the time the offer is made and upon agreement conclusion. Zaratech LLC cannot be held responsible for delivery delays but will always strive to deliver on time.

We aim to ship orders received by 16:00 the next day, but some items may take 2-3 working days for shipping.

Return of Goods:

Purchased items are not returnable. In special cases, stock goods can be returned by agreement, in unopened original packaging, and with a clearly marked RMA number. Zaratech LLC reserves the right to charge a return fee of 20% of the invoice amount, however, a minimum of $40.00.

In the event of a return, this must always be done no later than 14 days from the invoice date, and the credit will be calculated from the current price.

Product Information and Changes:

Reservations are made for errors and changes in information in brochures and other sales materials. Any errors and changes cannot be claimed against Zaratech LLC.

Zaratech LLC reserves the right to change the products or parts of them without notice if this happens without functional disadvantage to the buyer.

Defects and Complaints:

Upon delivery, the buyer must immediately inspect the sold items as required by proper business practice.

If the buyer wishes to claim a defect, the buyer must immediately notify Zaratech LLC in writing and specify the defect. If the buyer has discovered or should have discovered the defect and does not complain as stated, the buyer cannot later assert the defect. Zaratech LLC may choose to remedy the defect or redeliver.

Changes or interventions in the purchased item without Zaratech LLC's written consent exempt Zaratech LLC from any obligation.

If requested by Zaratech LLC, the buyer must return the allegedly defective item in its original packaging immediately after the complaint, at the buyer's expense and risk. Zaratech LLC reserves the right to accept only the allegedly defective part.

If Zaratech LLC has agreed to provide service through a separate agreement, the service obligation covers only the products sold.

Zaratech LLC reserves the right to test goods that are claimed to be defective. If the product is found to be in working order after testing, it will be sent back with an invoice for the work performed. Only after testing will Zaratech LLC proceed with a possible exchange or credit.


Zaratech LLC offers a right of complaint, meaning all products are covered by a 3-month right of complaint, after which the manufacturer's own general guarantee and conditions apply.

Limitation of Liability:

A compensation claim against Zaratech LLC cannot exceed the invoice amount for the item sold.

Zaratech LLC's liability is limited to direct losses and does not cover operating losses, loss of profits, or other indirect losses. Zaratech LLC is not responsible for delays or defects caused by rectification or replacement or attempts to do so.

Zaratech LLC is exempt from liability if the following conditions prevent fulfillment of the purchase or make fulfillment unreasonably burdensome: labor disputes or other circumstances beyond the control of the parties, such as fire, war, mobilization, requisition, seizure, currency restrictions, rebellion and unrest, lack of means of transport, general shortage of goods, restrictions on driving force, and shortages or delays in deliveries from sub-suppliers due to any of the circumstances mentioned in this point or circumstances that have significantly made it difficult for Zaratech LLC to fulfill the agreement.

Circumstances as mentioned that occurred before the offer was made or the agreement was concluded result in freedom from liability if their influence on the fulfillment of the agreement could not be foreseen at that time.

Product Liability:

To the extent that nothing else follows from the inalienable rules of U.S. law on product liability, the following limitations apply: Zaratech LLC is only liable for damage caused by a product delivered by Zaratech LLC to the extent that it can be proven that the damage is due to its fault or neglect.

Transfer of Rights and Obligations:

Zaratech LLC is entitled to transfer all rights and obligations under the agreement to third parties.


Any dispute between Zaratech LLC and the buyer must be settled according to U.S. law with the appropriate court jurisdiction.

Contact Zaratech LLC

For any questions or further information regarding our trading conditions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to support your business needs and ensure a smooth trading experience.